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The COVID-19 pandemic impact has upended the lives of billions of people. The world’s population shifted several aspects of daily life to the internet. For example, working from home and taking online classes have become the norm. However, people have adjusted and found new ways to keep their minds and bodies fit. Read on for more on this topic — brought to you by Counseling Associates of Sarasota:

Working From Home

One of the most significant cultural shifts resulting from the COVID-19pandemic impact was the number of people who began working from home. The pandemic affected millions of employees across multiple industries, causing offices to close and new technologies to help them collaborate and get work done from kitchen tables, living room couches, and makeshift bedroom offices. Learning to work with distractions and taking all meetings on Zoom has been both challenging and rewarding. 

People suddenly found out how difficult entertaining children and pets could be when trying to complete projects and meet deadlines. Additionally, employers learned they needed to trust employees to complete work and accept new challenges that could slow down productivity and find ways around them.

Online Education

Before COVID-19, online education was primarily reserved for colleges and tutoring. The pandemic changed that in an instant when universities, colleges, and even K-12 schools in the United States shut down. Suddenly, parents and grandparents found themselves acting as teachers or teacher’s aides from home while trying to juggle full-time jobs.

Although it was challenging and there were many failures during the first few months, students found their way and thrived. Educators learned how well some children learn without social distractions. Additionally, parents found a new appreciation for teachers. While still others used lockdowns and the lack of outside-the-home activities to take advantage of higher education online opportunities to go back to school for bachelor’s and advanced degrees that they planned to put to use on new career paths.

Career Changes

Speaking of careers…millions of people found their jobs closed without any way to work from home, such as those in nonessential retail, entertainment venues, and dining establishments. While many waited for unemployment, millions went in another direction with self-employment. Data from Yelp! shows close to half a million new businesses opened from March 2020 to March 2021. 

If you’re thinking of positively impacting your financial and mental health, consider starting a limited liability company (LLC). Unlike a sole proprietorship, an LLC offers more protection for your personal assets. Additionally, it’s less complex and cheaper than starting a corporation, which can come with necessary expenses such as lawyer fees and higher taxes, depending on the state.

Home Fitness

The pandemic taught us there are many options for fitness, including the use of virtual reality headsets for cardio training programs and personal training apps that can help you burn calories without leaving your living room or bedroom. Additionally, people have found immersive VR games to work out with friends in different parts of the world, making fitness from home easy and fun.

Online Shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many brick-and-mortar stores to close due to a lack of business. People just weren’t going out as much because they were sick or concerned about their safety. Shoppers headed online for everything from the very specific, such as much-needed clothing items for big life events, to the mundane and everyday, such as household products like TP!  While Amazon stands at the nexus of online shopping and e-commerce, many smaller retailers have adapted well to the new normal. Now, with more businesses open, they’re taking advantage of online and in-person sales.

Positive Changes During Tough Times from the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact

Although we believed ourselves to be highly connected prior to COVID-19, the pandemic truly showed the world just how much more we could use the internet to our advantage. The global pandemic has brought about many changes, and although challenging, they’ve helped the world grow.

If you feel you could benefit from counseling support as you adjust to living in this unsettling time, simply contact our office for an appointment. Many have found therapy of great benefit to their well-being.